We're in handcuffs. Kinky.

Looking for the spider that bit Stana because I want to have the same super powers ♥

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Mr. Castle, we do not make faces in my classroom. 

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You can literally hear her sassy internal dialogue. 

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castle + one emoji per episode

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Stana Katic presenting the “Environmental Association Awards 2014” (x)

Stana & Gigi -  Environmental Media Association Awards, Green Carpet.

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"They’re wonderful spirits and I’m really honored to have them as my siblings. It’s like walking with an army when we go some place together. I’m really proud of them.

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I live in Australia and work in a baby store. I had a customer come into the store today with her children who were hyperactive and running around the store. I had an absolute heartattack and looked up so fast when she yelled out “Tamala! Javi! Stana! Stop and come here!!!!”




Give me a minute and let me slip into something special, okay?

If it’s something special I got you for Valentine’s day, I approve.

It’s even better… It’s invisible.

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Castle and Beckett looking at chairs.

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Raging Heat acknowlegments

"Kate Beckett, my muse, my inspiration and my life." - RC